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Fashionista: Part 1

January 8, 2010

Lets just say that I don’t pride myself on my designer handbags or my bligity bling, not like this guy…

however, I do own a pair of diamonds that my Aunt Debbie gave me when I turned sixteen.  Speaking of which, I don’t remember the last time I saw those studs… I might want to look for those…oops, don’t tell!

I do pride myself on my ability to keep articles of clothing for long periods of time.  I have a particular skirt that belonged to my mom in the ’70’s.  It was passed down to me probably 8 years ago and ever since, it has become the quintessential Julie skirt.  I accidentally bleached the back of it a couple years back and have resorted to using a sharpie to keep it black.  When that skirt dies than I will go along with it. 

Speaking of the color black…Ishould probably be considered a Goth with the amount of black that I wear.  It is not a phase, I have ALWAYS worn black, even ask my mom.  Most of my friends are probably shaking their heads right now because of how true this is.   My bike is even black and named Black Stallion.  If I could choose a color for my car it would be black on black.  I have a black wig that I consider to be my “inner-half.” …. No one will change my mind, I will always purchase my clothing in black!

I also have pride for my collection of outdoor / athletic apparel.  Now this is something I can relate to!   I guess first and foremost, my collection of yoga gear is stellar.  Lululemon, I LOVE YOU!  God, you are expensive but the moment I put on one of your articles of clothing I don’t ever want to take it off.  I have 3 pairs of pants, 4 tops, 2 jackets and other miscellaneous stuff and I just. can’t. help. myself.  Here is my FAV jacket from them…

I think Felicity Huffman is being interviewed about how ROCKIN’ her jacket is.  I believe this is what she said,  “I met this really cool chick in Portland, her name is Julie, and she was wearing the Lululemon Stride Jacket so, I had to buy it.”  So, maybe this is true, maybe its not…you decide.

Even Heidi Swift (my BFF obviously), digs the quality that is Lululemon.  Honestly, what I love about their garments is that they are so multi-dimensional.  I wear my jacket to yoga, skiing, cycling, and out to dinner.  This is how all products should be designed and made! 

Their merchandising is also impressive.  They design each store to fit in with the local culture and community.  Yoga is even offered in the stores.  Just look at these folks…

Every location has a bulletin board that is chalk full of info about local yoga teachers, studios and ways to get involved.  Even though it is a “corporate” company, they still try to foster a local feel which I like.  And I must mention that for someone who is tall and can never find long enough pants, they build their pants extra long and offer free hemming in store!!!  CRAZY WONDERFUL!!

More reviews to come…

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  1. January 8, 2010 8:17 pm

    Thanks for the shout out. We are definitely BFFs because I am also the goth-black-queen-of-darkness when it comes to clothing. I have worn my beloved black LuluLemon jacket into near-retirement. It is the crown jewel, the number one, the best! And you’re right about versatility – their gear looks good everywhere. No small feat when you think about all the crazy things we all do over the course of a single day.
    By the way – that picture? The one with the glasses? It does make you look smart. Like, rocket-scientist-librarian-Pulitzer-prize-winner smart. I’m sure you live up to it, too.

    • January 8, 2010 8:51 pm

      I’m not going to lie, I’m totally blushing right now. Thanks for the shout out, quite honestly it is an honor to get one from you.
      I am thinking that we should be spokes models for Lululemon, and perhaps get them to start a cycling apparel line for women and perhaps sponsor us?! Genius!… Speaking of which, my next post was TOTALLY going to be on how bike shops/ bike apparel is failing us ladies. I guess great minds think alike. Keep rockin’ it Heidi!

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